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main Relaxation Room at OASE with 2 women and 1 man relaxing, sipping tea, and reading magazines
small message board that says 'Hello Beautiful! Relaxation Ahead' and a small candle and reed diffuser

Before or after your customized massage, facial, or natural nail experience, we encourage you to sit a while. Enjoy a moment of peace with a book or take time to journal and enjoy complimentary snacks and a variety of beverages.

Tranquility Room

The Tranquility Room

This beautiful space in our spa offers a quiet area for guests to relax.


With a fireplace and lounging chairs, guests can stay without rushing out the door.  Read a book or your favorite magazine and sip on one of our signature beverages. 


Leave your work and your worries at the front door and as the Danes say “Pyt”, which means, “Don’t worry about it!” 

2 women and 1 man in the main Relaxation Room, The Tranquility Room, at OASE before or after their spa treatment

The Sun Room

This warm and sunny relaxation room is filled with lots of windows to provide much-needed sunlight.


Sit awhile after your treatment and soak in the Vitamin D while enjoying a snack and a

hot or cold beverage. 

man in white robe lying back with his eyes closed in the Sun Room, a bright Relaxation Room with lots of sunlight and live plants
Sun Room

Complimentary beverages

Enjoy a variety of refreshing complimentary beverages before and/or after your reservation. Choose from refreshing teas, coffees, water, and mimosas. Skål! (cheers)

closeup of 6 tea cannisters as part of the complimentary beverage station in the Tranquility Room at OASE
Complimentary Beverages
Truly the best of experience! There are so many well thought out details and this allows for the guest to not have to worry about anything. Nothing compares to the services and the staff are always amazing! I typically will spend some time in their relaxation room after my service which is a must.

Rebecca H.

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