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After a massage, facial, or one of our exclusive non-toxic nail treatments you can continue to enjoy the relaxing environment of OASE Day Spa in one of our three Relaxation Rooms.

The Silent Room

In the Silent Room, guests can rest in this dimly lit, quiet corner of the spa in one of our hanging hammocks or chaise lounges.  This room provides a place for guests to continue to relax in peace and quiet. 


Here you can even nap, as no talking or cellphones are permitted.  The Danes call the feeling that this intimate cozy space creates - “Hygge”.


The Tranquility Room

This beautiful space in our spa offers another quiet area for guests to relax.  With a fireplace and lounging chairs, guests can stay without rushing out the door.  Read a book or your favorite magazine and sip on one of

our signature beverages. 


Leave your work and your worries at the front door and as the Danes say “Pyt”, which means “don’t worry about it!” 

The Sun Room

This warm and sunny relaxation room is filled with lots of windows to provide much needed bright and warm sunlight.  Sit a while after your treatment and soak in the Vitamin D. 


We would love for you to stay and order lunch from one of our favorite local restaurants…or maintain your serenity by enjoying a warm cup of tea.

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