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Tired of generic spa experiences that fail to address your distinct needs and preferences?

We understand that the one-size-fits-all model doesn't resonate with everyone. At OASE Day Spa, we've made it our mission to break away from the ordinary.


Immerse yourself in a world where personalized care, non-toxic products, and a soothing atmosphere come together seamlessly.


Your escape from the ordinary starts here.

closeup of the plant wall at OASE
a male and female guest sitting in the lobby filling out their intake forms; Karen, owner of OASE, is seen walking down the stairs in the background

Non-toxic skin & body care

OASE is committed to using non-toxic products in our spa services, ensuring that your rejuvenation is paired with a commitment to health and purity.


Our expert team combines personalized care with premium, non-toxic formulations to create an oasis where you can indulge in luxurious spa experiences without compromise.

Customized experience

At OASE Day Spa, you'll experience a truly personalized spa experience. From the moment you fill out our detailed intake form, your journey with us becomes unique to your individual needs and goals.


Our dedicated team meticulously reviews your preferences, concerns, and wellness goals to tailor your treatment accordingly.


Your journey with us is not just a spa day—it's a personalized retreat designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Highly-skilled service providers

At OASE Day Spa, excellence is at the core of our ethos. Each member of our team is not only licensed in their respective fields but also holds a dedication to continuous learning through advanced and ongoing education.


We take pride in nurturing a culture where staying at the forefront of industry trends and techniques is paramount. By prioritizing advanced education, our service providers are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge, ensuring that every treatment you receive at OASE reflects the pinnacle of expertise.


Your well-being is in the hands of professionals who not only meet industry standards but consistently strive to exceed them.

headshot of Karen Weaver, owner of OASE Day Spa in Greenville, SC

Meet Karen Weaver

The daughter of a Danish immigrant, Karen Weaver chose the name “OASE” as a nod
to her heritage. OASE (pronounced “oh-AY-suh”) is Danish for “oasis,” and Karen and her team aim to offer an “oasis in the city” for each guest.

In her years of esthetics experience, OASE owner Karen Weaver has become educated in every aspect of holistic beauty and wellness. A licensed esthetician committed to excellence and ongoing education, Karen combines the industry’s most restorative elements with hygge-inspired comforts reflecting her Danish roots.


The Outreach program at OASE fulfills OASE's mission to be a force for good individually, locally, and globally.

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Take a virtual tour

New to OASE Day Spa? Take a quick tour of your oasis in the city here in Greenville, SC.

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