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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I arrive for my appointment?

We would like all guests to arrive 10-15 mins before your treatment is scheduled to begin.  This allows new guests to complete required intake paperwork so that we can design a unique treatment that is tailored to your needs as well as take a quick tour of the spa. This early arrival also allows guests to use the restroom, silence cell phones, browse the retail products, and be ready to enjoy your treatment time to the fullest.


Where do I park when I come to the spa?

OASE Day Spa is located at 1617 E North Street, next door to Greenville Track Club.  All guest parking is located behind the building. When you arrive, guests will enter the parking lot to the right of the building and exit the parking lot towards the left hand side of the building.    


We do have one handicap spot available near the front of the building.  Please contact the spa’s Guest Services (864-900-2920) for instructions on how to park and enter the building for those needing special assistance.


Where do I enter the spa?  

There are several doors that provide access to our building. Guests of the spa should enter at the rear of the building, noting the signs that point to the guest entrance.  


Guests will be climbing a set of stairs as they arrive at the Guest Services desk.  If you are unable to climb the stairs, please notify the staff ahead of time.  We have a door located at the front of the building off of our sunroom that can be opened for those who can not use our back entrance.


There is also a Team Entrance door that is for employees only. This door is locked full time.  


May I use my phone at the spa?

We ask that you please remember to silence or leave your phone and smart watch in your vehicle so that you can fully relax at OASE Day Spa. Enjoying the spa means setting aside time for rest and disconnecting from the stresses of your day.  Phones are one of our biggest distractions.  If you absolutely must use your phone, we ask that step outside to make or receive any calls.  Our Guest Services are always available to receive calls for you. You are welcome to give anyone our main phone number and we will be happy to come get you during your treatment if it is an emergency.


Should I shave before my massage, facial, or pedicure treatment?

Guests who have selected one of our spa treatments should refrain from shaving the day of the service. This is especially important for anyone who is getting a spa pedicure and for anyone (men/women) who are receiving a facial service.  Freshly shaven skin is sensitive and our more specialized treatments may cause discomfort if the skin has been shaved that day.

How does OASE Day Spa keep the spa looking so clean?

As a Day Spa, OASE will always follow very high sanitation and cleaning protocols in all of our areas, which includes disinfecting all hard surfaces, replacing linens and covers for all of our soft surfaces between every guest.  We have hand sanitizing stations located throughout the spa and follow an hourly inspection of all areas to maintain a fresh and ultra clean environment.


Cancellation Policy and Missed Appointments


May I use the Relaxation Rooms if I do not have a scheduled appointment?

Our rooms are designed to provide our guests with a reservation an opportunity to extend their relaxation and calm after a treatment has concluded.

Are children allowed at the spa?

  • Children under the age of 11 are not permitted at the spa or in the treatment room.

  • Children aged 11-13 that are receiving a service shall be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. This means the parent or guardian will remain in the treatment room for the duration of the treatment.

  • Children aged 14-17 are permitted to receive services without a parent in the room, however, a parental consent form must be signed by the parent upon check in

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